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A lot of people ask me about resale stores. They share their feelings about feeling overwhelmed when shopping at one. The experience can be quite daunting as there is mountains of cheap, synthetic man made fabrics of stained and torn dismay crammed into one aisle at a time.

I answer... it takes patience. A lot of it. And also a basic understanding of what you need in your wardrobe before entering a place like this. Otherwise, you might end up looking like a misfit garbed in something that might be from your great Aunt Erma's closet.

When starting out "thrifting", it is always important to get the essentials down first. Do you have a great pair of black pants, a pair of jeans that fit you well, a crisp white blouse, a go-to cover up sweater in a neutral color, a functional purse, a classic blazer, sweaters made out of natural fibers in classic silhouettes, a pair of everyday shoes comfortable for your feet, a basic little black dress? These are all things that can make your wardrobe great and can mix effortlessly.

These items CAN BE FOUND IN A RESALE shop. It just takes a little patience. Look for well known brand names that have a good reputation for quality. Fortunately, this is a time when a lot of estates are looking to lighten their personal belongings, including large scale retailers! Which in this case, you might have the chance of finding clothes that still have tags on that have never been worn. This I would categorize as the ultimate score!

If you are into designer brands, you would be surprised about how much is actually out there that people actually give away. I have run across gorgeous, to die for, vintage Yves Saint Laurent leather heels, Jbrand Jeans, Chanel earrings, Gaultier dress and dozens of Coach purses.

The best part of shopping for items like this is the enormous amount of money that you save and also the earth conscious benefit of taking something and reusing it instead of discarding it into another landfill. All is takes is a good dry cleaner, tailor, and a washing machine and you will have clothes resulting in as good as new.

Coming from a personal experience, where I left a messy marriage and even a messier divorce, I have saved a ton of money to accelerate myself ahead financially in a shorter amount of time. There is something to be said with having the ability to put money away at the end of every month.

The best way to get started in your neighborhood is to check out www.Yelp.com. Type in "resale store, vintage shop, thrift store" and you will get a ton of information from reviews of people who have shopped there before. That way you can get a good idea of where the best stores are.

In the end, with a little patience you can end up with a wardrobe of an empress. I have seen my wardrobe slowly evolve from Gap and Old Navy mass produced items to gorgeous Chloe, Diane Von Furstenberg, UGG, Alice and Olivia, Coach,Gucci and much more.

I wish you luck with your next thrift adventure!
Christine Sanderson

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