Darling Dresses

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As soon as the weather warms up Chicago comes alive.  The sidewalks are bustling with people.  Restaurants are making outdoor dining available again.  People actually have smiles on their faces instead of scowls.  The warm weather also means you can wear clothes without bulky layers.  It's time to shed the bulk for colorful dresses.
Shoshanna Dress-$54.99
Black Bauble Bracelet-$9.99

Ann Taylor Dress- $38.99
Gabrielle Zwick Designs Earrings-$20
Escada Heels-$54.99 (benefits Bridge to Success)

Soprano Dress-$28.99
Barbie Shoe Necklace by Gabrielle Zwick Designs-$28

Vintage Calvin Klein Sunglasses-$64.99
Barbie Shoe Bracelet by Gabrielle Zwick Designs-$30
Vintage Sewing Machine Feet Neklace by Gabrielle Zwick Designs-$38
Prada Heels 6.5-$64.99

~Phaydra Babinchok~

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