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So I am in the stages of buying items for my new site. All together it is a mix of excitement, nervousness, and making sure that I buy desirable items my potential customers will be dying to want to purchase. As I am entering this stage I have plotted out how and where I will find these items. I will have cool brands of sunglasses on my site, primarily Roberto Cavalli and Tom Ford. But, also I will be searching for those designer pieces that would cost a fortune new. As well, because I want to offer fashionable items that are inexpensive so EVERYONE can look great... I will be offering super cute and trendy name brand items as well. I am tenatively going to be launching my site August 15th, and hoping for a huge success. I will also be posting trends and items of the week on this board. I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Happy Thrifting!
Christine Sanderson
Owner of

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