Estate Services for Luxury Clothing, Handbags and Jewelry

Do you need assistance going through an estate full of clothing and accessories?

Leave all the work up to Le Thrift Consignment. We offer estate services to help organize items that are worth value to sell and what items should be donated to charity. Le Thrift Consignment offers these services for one flat fee. Sellable items will be inventoried and priced for sale at our boutique and e-commerce web sites. Items that should be donated will be packed, removed and donated on behalf of the estate. The estate will then receive a tax donation slip.

What type of clothing and accessories do we accept?

Le Thrift Consignment specializes in luxury designer and vintage items. Items must be in excellent condition and ready for sale. There are exceptions if the item is worth value, and then will be dry cleaned or repaired. At this time Le Thrift Consignment specializes only in clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes and accessories for women. 

Leave the clothing and accessories up to the professionals so that you may focus on the rest of the estate.

 Email for more information on our estate services.


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